Supervised Parenting Time (Supervised Visits)

Neutral Exchanges


Neutral Exchanges are the monitored transitions of the child/children from one parent or guardian to the other. 

The child/children spend unsupervised time with the other parent or guardian.

There is no parental contact during these transitions.

Supervised Parenting Time


Supervised Parenting Time/Supervised Visits are the monitored time spent between a parent/guardian and their non-residential child/children. 

Monitors are present through-out the entire time.

There is no parental contact. 

Supportive Supervised Parenting Time


This is monitored Supervised Parenting Time/Supervised Visits with parent education services.

During this monitored time, parenting skills are demonstrated and parenting plans are developed.

There is no parental contact & a $5.00 increase in the hourly rate applies.

Our process



Have a couple of dates and times in mind that you could come in, sit down and have a 30-40 minute intake appointment. 

If you are the residential parent(child lives with you) please choose a time when your child can attend also.

We love to meet the children we will be spending time with.



Bring your court order, if you have one, your picture id and $12.50 intake fee to your appointment. 


The hardest part about this is saying "Hello".

Your safety and the safety of your family is important to us.

After That


Welcome to our family!

Everyone will be notified when parenting time will begin.

Remember to put your child/children first-the end of your relationship doesn't mean an end to theirs.

On & Off-Site Parenting Time


We currently offer Supervised Parenting Time/Supervised Visits from Shorewood, Illinois to Troy, Missouri.

Mileage and travel time apply.

Sliding Scale Fees


We know money doesn't grow on trees or we'd all have a forest. 

Call us we have sliding scale fees for Supervised Parenting Time/Supervised Visits. 

Safe, appropriate family relationships is our goal.

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Supervised Parenting Time Hourly


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Standard non-holiday rate.


Two Hour Supervised Parenting Time


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2 hour standard rate.


Four Hour Supervised Parenting Time


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4 hour standard rate